About HCN

The High and Complex Needs Unit supports families/whānau/caregivers with children and young people who have high and complex needs. Working with multiple government and non-government agencies, we help them to find positive solutions.

On this page:

What we do

We coordinate intensive services around these children and their families in a way that brings new hope, stability, new skills and a positive future.

Close collaboration is at the heart of what HCN does. We know that we get better results for children and young people when agencies work closely together to focus on the needs and outcomes of children with high and complex needs.

Who we are

The High and Complex Needs Unit (HCN) is made up of a small team of committed professionals working across the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, and the Oranga Tamariki.

Our services are coordinated through Oranga Tamariki, and through HCN Specialists in each region throughout New Zealand.

The National HCN Unit

The HCN Unit supports staff and managers across Health, Education and Oranga Tamariki to better meet the needs of young people when those needs are high and complex.

The Unit provides tools, resources and information to support the Interagency Management Groups and the Interagency Teams who assist in the development and management of the child or young person’s plan. It also provides support to the HCN Specialists.

The Regional HCN Specialists

HCN Specialists are located throughout New Zealand and are at the heart of our work.

One of the HCN Specialists’ key roles is as a leader, coordinator, and facilitator for the interagency teams and the interagency planning process.

Working closely with a team of professionals and with children and their families, whānau and caregivers, they collaboratively develop an intensive plan to make sure that services are put in place that will help the child or young person make positive changes in their lives